We want to provide a fun, family-friendly atmosphere for everyone to enjoy football in the Fargo Area!


We’re looking for dedicated, coachable players, as well as coaches and staff  who are a great asset to our community.  Whether you just got done playing Division 1, Junior College, no college, or flag football; if you’re commited to us and willing to learn and grow, we’re open to Welcome You.  We will have a Player Handbook, with guidelines we expect everyone to adhere to.


Mission Statement (Excellence through teamwork)

Our vision for the program will be to carry on a program which will command the respect of the players, coaches, and be highly regarded in the community and among the other communities in the nation in helping players achieve their highest potential.


Further, teaching is our core, positive growth and development of athletes is our goal and the highest level of performance both in life, in social settings, and on the field of play is our target outcome.


Our mission is to work tirelessly and constantly to strive to be excellent at what we do through team work.  With confidence in our priorities, we will not hesitate in the pursuit of being the best we can be.


To accomplish this we will:

  • exert our best efforts to promote and administer the program to be consistent with the highest aims and objectives of the community;
  • provide a competitive, culturally diverse, gender-equitable football program that operates within the rules and regulations of our staff, theleague, and the governing body;
  • be organized and administered with the welfare of the players in mind;
  • be built upon integrity in the day-to-day operation of our program, honesty in our approach to each individual, a genuine concern for the best interests of our team and a professional commitment to assure that our players have the opportunity to succeed.
  • be strived to recruit fundamentally sound athletes who have the desire and motivation to succeed and to become responsible citizens;
  • help instill teamwork, fair play, social development, and a sense of responsibility in those athletes under our charge;
  • be conducted with respect, fairness, civility, honesty and responsibility; and
  • be developed in a family atmosphere between our players and coaches. To promote unity, pride, confidence, and a feeling of accountability to the team and the community.


Our program’s statement is the relentless pursuit of excellence.  The word relentless in our philosophy means to never give up and always give your best effort.