KoF Mailbox: Pepsi x Nike Kyrie 1 Uncle Drew Media Kit (Video)

As the world welcomed back Uncle Drew into their lives, Pepsi and Nike were busy making sure sneakerheads did not forget who the man is behind this brilliant campaign. In what is surely one of the most exquisitely designed media packages we have ever received here at the Kicks On Fire offices, it’s a limited edition kit featuring a Pepsi-branded locker, a Nike Hyper Elite jacket, some Elite socks, an Uncle Drew bobblehead and undoubtedly one of the rarest Nike Kyrie 1 kicks in existence.

The Pepsi x Nike Kyrie 1 Uncle Drew is featured prominently in the recently released Chapter 4 short film featuring Kyrie Irving. The shoe is not the most ostentatious colorway by any means as it uses a white upper and a gum brown sole with red and blue accents on the swoosh and Kyrie logo. The signature feature of the shoe is the Uncle Drew logo found on the insole and the branding on the swoosh as it features several Uncle Drew sayings including “don’t reach, youngblood” and “get buckets”. The swoosh itself is reflective and when the light shines on it, the words become easier to read.

Limited to 150 (hopefully for now, as it would be great for Uncle Drew and Kyrie 1 fans to get a shot at it), fans will get a chance to cop the kicks through the Pepsi app as they will be giving away a few kits over the next few weeks. What did you think about the kicks? Sound off below and let us if these are must-have or a pass.