Pre-Season Poll


As many people know, Pre-Season Rankings typically don’t mean a lot with so many uncertainty’s.  With all the unknowns, there were a lot of votes spread throughout the teams.

The Fargo Invaders & South Metro Patriots open up on Top, each getting 20 total points.  The Invaders received 3 First Place votes, while the Patriots received 2.

The Twin City Sabercats opened 1 point ahead of the West Central Broncos – who picked up a First Place vote – and the ‘Cats are 2 points ahead of the Granite City Renegades.

Opening Weekend could give us a better idea who should be on-top as the #1 Fargo Invaders travel to #1 South Metro Patriots.  The #3 Twin City Sabercats host #5 Granite City Renegades, and the #4 West Central Broncos travel to Duluth to face #6 Northland Blitz.

Each team is asked to Rank the other 5 Teams; a 1st place vote gets 5 points, 2nd place gets 4 points, on down.  After all votes were submitted, here is how it breaks-down: