Guiding Principles
Below are the guiding principles of the Fargo Invaders Football Club. These beliefs and attitudes are embedded in our history and guide us in our behavior.

Develop players
We want players to leave us better people than when they arrived.  There is no better classroom than the football field.

The highest sense of integrity shall characterize every aspect of our football program. Every member of our football family will exemplify impeccable integrity.

All members of our football family will have an unwavering loyalty to their faith, their family, each other and to the community.

We will be committed to create a climate of mutual respect throughout our football family. The culture of our football family will be diverse in its make-up. Respect will be given to all members of our family regardless of their heritage, race or beliefs. This respect is what creates a close-knit family whose bond will never be broken.

We will find players who are willing to do things the Fargo Invaders way and who will always put the team ahead of themselves.

Coaches will always be honest with players and let them know exactly where they stand and what we expect of them.  Honesty in communication builds trust in players and lets them know you want them to succeed and improve.

Display intensity and enthusiasm
Enthusiasm is contagious and powerful.  It spreads from coach to coach, from player to player, and from coach to player.  We will script and schedule enthusiasm into every meeting and practice.  Football is an intense game played by intense players.  We coach it the same way.

Have a positive attitude
Attitude, like enthusiasm, is contagious.  We are all in control of our attitudes and constantly strive to approach every task with a great attitude.  We want members of our program to have a “can do” outlook, a willingness to give their best effort for the benefit of the team at all times.

Be persistent
We will compete and never give up as long as there is time on the clock.  This approach teaches a great life lesson to players.  No matter what the obstacle or the situation, never quit.

Execute fundamentals
We win by eliminating bad play and mistakes.  We are fundamentally sound in all we do.   We must be able to perform every play at a very high level to be successful.

Voice solutions, not complains
Our team purpose places staff on level ground in regards to making decisions and acting on behalf of the program.  If a staff member complains, the solution to the problem better be the next thing he says.  We are all in this project together, and want to do things the best way, not necessarily my way.

We will strive for excellence in everything we do. We will set high expectations and work to reach them every single day. Everything that we do must be geared towards achieving these high expectations. Nothing can stand in the way of achieving excellence in all facets of our lives.

The program will gain the respect and will be highly regarded in the community and among the other programs in the nation.  This does not come about readily.  It must be desired, and it must be earned through team victories achieved within the framework of high amateur standards.  Many elements enter into gaining this stature: successful recruiting, integrity in commitments made to the players, good sportsmanship and conduct, selective scheduling, style in the event management, rapport among coaching staff.