Adrian Peterson Inks a Deal with NEFL, with Hope for NFL Return

Adrian Peterson has yet to land a deal with an NFL team due to skepticism around ongoing injuries, age, and his asking price.

In an effort to prove NFL teams that he is healthy, 32-year old Peterson has chosen to play in the Northern Elite Football League, which runs from May 6th – August 12th; just in time to sign for the 2017 NFL season

CaptureThe Fargo Invaders worked with Peterson’s agent around details of the deal; which ultimately is a move the Peterson camp is doing as a farewell tour to the Minnesota/North Dakota market, where he has millions of beloved fans.

Invaders President Matt Petznick says, “Never in a million years did I think it would actually happen”, Petznick goes on to say “There were a few things that made sense for both parties, and ultimately the Fargo Invaders are happy to give Adrian this opportunity”.

Though he’s a former NFL MVP, it does not guarantee a starting spot for AD.  The Invaders are already crowded in the backfield with 4 League All-Stars: Brandon Jones, CT Davis, Derek Alexander, Brett Baune, and newcomer Kenben Parker.

You can check out the Invaders this year:

Article Published: APRIL 1ST