Board Positions Up for Nomination

The Fargo Invaders Board of Directors is an 8-person elected Board, along with the General Manager position as the 9th spot.

All elected positions are on 2-year terms, with four positions voted on each year.

The positions up for vote in 2018 are:

  • Vice President (currently held by Ruel Johnson)
  • Secretary (currently held by Jeri McQuade)
  • At-Large (currently held by Michael Guyton)
  • At-Large (currently held by Casey Gibson)

Nominations for these positions are open until September 25th and voting will happen on Tuesday, October 2nd.  Voting parties consist of current Board Members, Director-level Staff, Head Coach, and 1 player on behalf of registered players who completed the previous season.

Jeri McQuade & Matt Franco are a part of the ad hoc committee to nominate new or returning board members to be considered for election.  Any officer may nominate himself/herself to serve on the board of directors.  There are no term limits, each person is eligible to be re-elected.

To submit a nomination, please email [email protected] or [email protected].


Current Board Members, who enter Year 2 of their term:

  • President – Matt Petznick
  • Treasurer – Randy Heller
  • At-Large – Michael Bryant
  • At-Large – Matt Franco

The Fargo Invaders do not currently have a General Manager filling the 9th spot.