Derek Bakken

Derek Bakken Assumes General Manager Position

Bakken to run Fargo Invaders Football Operations as part of General Manager role.

FARGO – The Fargo Invaders announced Derek Bakken as General Manager, effective immediately.

15384563_1012559375515577_4211250537151262409_oDerek was Defensive Line coach with the Invaders in 2014, took over as Co-Head Coach with Brent Lundgren in 2016, and will remain on the coaching staff as the Defensive Coordinator in 2017.

Bakken’s first action as General Manager was to appoint Bryce Westphal as Assistant General Manager, and Tyler Elijah as Assistant Defensive Coordinator.


The Invaders would like to Thank Nate King for his around-the-clock dedication the past two years.  The organization wouldn’t be the same with him.  With this move it will allow the Invaders to fulfill their organizational structure with two main focuses; Business Operations and Football Operations.

With Bakken leading the Football Operations, he will be working closely with Matt Petznick as the President of Business Operations.

The Fargo Invaders joined the Northern Elite Football League, and are building off an Undefeated 2016 Northern States Football League Championship.