Fargo Invaders Accepted into Northern Elite Football League

The Fargo Invaders are Proud to announce they have been accepted into the Northern Elite Football League.

The Northern Elite Football League (NEFL) is entering it’s 10th season of existence.  All teams in the league have experience, but none have the resume of the St. Paul Pioneers.  The Pioneers will be the team to beat, winning the last 7 Elite Bowl Championships, as well as, 3 National Championships and 4 more league Championships prior to joining the NEFL.

The Northern Elite Football League will consist of 10 teams in 2017.


  • Fargo Invaders
  • St. Paul Pioneers
  • Minnesota Sting
  • Minnesota Valley Warriors
  • Minnesota Brawlers


  • Chippewa Valley Predators
  • Hudson Thunderhawks
  • Northland Bulls
  • Fox Valley Force
  • River City Rough Riders

We look forward to being an Elite Member in an Elite League.  Stay tuned for more details!