Fargo Invaders Perfect First Half


The first year Fargo Invaders prepare for the 2nd Half of the season as leaders of the MPFL.

At 4-0, the Fargo Invaders have outscored their opponents 168-48; with the closest contest being 21-19 vs the Granite City Renegades.

Many players within the league have doubted the Invaders, but they have risen to the challenge and risen in ranks of Semi Pro.  As of June 9th, the Invaders are ranked #16 by Semi Pro Elite.

Semi-Pro Elite Top 25 North

1) Ohio Golden Knights(6-0)
2) Fox Valley Force(6-0)
3) Des Moines Blaze(5-0)
4) St Paul Pioneers Football(5-1)
5) Chicago Cardinals(5-0)
6) Indianapolis Tornados(4-0)
7) Southern Michigan Timberwolves(5-0)
8) Sheboygan County Rebels(2-0)
9) Detroit Seminoles(3-1)
10) Columbus Gladiators(4-0)
11) Minnesota Sting – Minor League Football(4-1)
12) Ohio Crush(4-0)
13) S.Ohio Buckeyes(4-0)
14) Cincinnati Hawks Football Program(3-0)
15) Columbus Fire(3-1)
16) Fargo Invaders(4-0)
17) Missouri Cyclones(2-0)
18) Ohio Valley Jaguars(5-0)
19) Michigan Lightning(4-1)
20) Muskegon Mustangs(1-0)
21) Racine Threat(2-0)
22) Illinois Cowboys(4-1)
23) Marinette-Menominee Timberjacks(1-0)
24) Detroit Ravens(1-1)
25) Erie Express Football(5-1)