The Warmth of Football in the Air

by Ronald Buck – Linebacker (2014-2016)

At the conclusion of the NCAA Basketball season, another champion has been crowned.  Many brackets were ruined and America is collectively able to exhale and step away from the excitement that is March Madness.

Every year around this time, memes flow across various forms of social media wishing and hoping for a sports savior, namely memes concerning the NFL.  Some people turn to MLB, many people turn to the NBA playoff race, and others look to NHL to get their sports and highlights fix.

One thing we can count on to uplift our spirits and bring groups together as Americans is our love of the great sport of football. Adapted from rugby and given flashy equipment and fancy uniforms, football permeates through American Consciousness.

All Across the USA is an ever growing jewel of community surrounding the sport of football. Semi-Professional football leagues can be seen in the early months of the year preparing for 17549108_10210814436209527_1603985640_othe kick-off of their seasons in hopes of winning games and bringing people together for affordable, quality, summertime sports entertainment.

With tickets costing a mere $7 and kids under 12 being $2; Semi Pro football is positioned perfectly to bridge the gap between the end of the NFL and NCAA football season. And provide opportunities for football players to continue playing the sport they love.


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