Invaders Come Up Short vs Pioneers

Post Series: Game Recap

By Drew Davis –

The Fargo Invaders couldn’t survive a comeback after exploiting themselves defensively in the second quarter, allowing over 200 yards combined on the ground and in the air. The St. Paul Pioneers stole a win on the road as quarterback Cleveland McCoy had a first half field day. On the ground, the Invaders had no answer defensively. With the Pioneers pounding the ball thirty-five times, they still gave up an average of 5.7 yards each rush.

Offensively for Fargo, receivers Constant Jackson and Jon Baune teamed up for 226 of the 303 total passing yards from Ja’Vonte Johnson. While Johnson had a tough time finding the right pass, he was responsible for each of the Invaders’ scores – one of which coming on the ground in the first quarter.

This weekend the Invaders (3-2) go back on the road to Wisconsin to take on the River City Rough Riders (4-2). Fargo’s defense will need to make a comeback against the league’s current runner-up in interceptions. Additionally, the Rough Riders should expect a hungry defensive that will not make it easier for their top three rushers whom are currently averaging a combined 2.3 yards per carry this season. Fargo has an opportunity to take one on the road, but they’ll need to keep the offense on the field.

St. Paul Pioneers 0 28 0 0 28
Fargo Invaders 7 0 0 14 21

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