Invaders Score on All 11 Possessions


The Fargo Invaders remain unbeaten on the year with a 72-0 victory over the Great Lakes Wolfpack.

Field position played a big part in the game, as the Fargo Invaders Average Starting position was the Wolfpack 28.5 yard line.  The short field allowed Fargo to score 10 Touchdown’s and 1 Field Goal.  The Wolfpack Average Starting position was the Wolfpack 22 yard line.

The Invaders used 31 plays to cover 265 yards.  It was 22 runs for 175 yards & 9 passes for 90 yards and a Touchdown.

After a quick 38-0 First Quarter, there was a running clock the rest of the game.  Skyler Jackson led the Invaders with 4 carries for 86 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Brandon Jones added 4 carries for 49 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Jarvis Greenhill scored on both his carries tallying 19 yards.  Josh Racette & Leon Williams also tacked on a touchdown each.

The Fargo Invaders are off next week before a tough test on June 28th against the 3-1 Midwest Nightmare.

For complete stats and a full play-by-play, check out the game details