2022 Combine

Fargo Invaders Combine


Register for the 2022 Combine, and join the 2019 NEFL Champion Fargo Invaders for the 2022 season!

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What is the purpose of the event?

1. To get athletes exposure to the combine events, testing and requirements as early as possible so their performance on the field and at future events increase as they become more aware of their performance weaknesses.

2. To find out whom the best football players are in the region as well as finding and spotlighting tomorrows’ stars today.

When is the event?

•The Fargo Invaders Football Combine is scheduled for :
Saturday, January 15th from 9:30am – 11:30am.  Be there at 9:0am for registration.

What is the cost for the event?

•The cost is $50.00 per participant, this cost will be applied to any players fees, should you make the team.

What is the process the athletes go through at the event?

Check-In: Begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 9:25 AM. All athletes will check in and be issued a Combine Number. The number will be used for tracking at all stations.

Dynamic Warm-up: Begins at 9:30 AM sharp

Fargo Invaders Football Combine:
Begins following the Dynamic Warm-up.
The testing group will be split-up by position with the Combine testing stations:
– Standing Long Jump
– Vertical Jump (No-Step)
– Pro-Agility Drill
– 3 Cone Drill (L-Agility Drill)
– Laser Timed 40 Yard Dash
– 185 lbs. Bench Press
– Positional Drills as time allows.

*Not all prospects will go through Positional Drills.

Dismissal: Everyone needs to be out of the building by 12:00 PM

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