Week 3 Rankings



After Week 3 of play, the Top 3 teams all won. #1 Invaders had the more lob-sided score of the week, winning 46-3 against the Twin City Sabercats.  Former #2 South Metro Patriots came out with a win 19-0 over the Northland Blitz, and the Granite City Renegades excelled in the 2nd half against the Broncos, pulling away to win 30-14.

With the Renegades 16 point win they have jumped up to #2 in the rankings, while the Patriots move down to #3.  The Twin City Sabercats scored the only points of the season against the Invaders, moving them up to a tie for the #3 spot.

Memorial Day weekend will give the Invaders & Broncos a Bye Week, while the #3 & #2 teams square-off for the second time this season. The Patriots found a late TD in the first meeting to top the Renegades, but Granite City will be the home team this go-around.  The Twin City Sabercats will travel to Duluth to play the Blitz, each team looking for their first win of the year.