Things To Love About Downtown Fargo 18

Welcome to Fargo!

The Fargo area has some of the Lowest Unemployment rates in the country, a Cost of Living 2% below the national average, and around a 20% Growth Rate.  With over 238,000 people in the Metro Area, there are several reason people are flocking to Fargo.  The Fargo Invaders may be one of those reasons; at least for these four individuals:

Justan Taliaferro – Detroit, MI
Brandon Jones – St Louis, MO
Derek Alexander – St Cloud, MN
Vince Holmes – Atlanta, GA

Where did you grow up?

JT – Half of my childhood was in Nashville, TN & Mobile, AL and the other half was Detroit, MI.
BJ – Grew up in Ferguson, MO and went through high school in Liberty, MO.
DA – Saint Cloud, MN.
VH – I like to break my childhood up into 2 parts. Up until the age of 8 I was born and raised in a small town called Blakely, GA. That’s also where most of my family lives. Me, my mom and little brother moved to Atlanta when I was 8, here I begin getting into sports and eventually played them throughout middle and high school.


What brought you to the area?

JT – To play football at Northland College & later Valley City State University.
BJ – Was looking to transfer out of MO and UND answered first.
VH – Out of high school I was verbally committed to play football at Middle Tennessee State University, I tore my shoulder up mid-way through my senior season of high school and ultimately signed with NDSCS to play for 2 years.


You were living in ___ when you started playing for the Invaders, what led you to move to Fargo?

JTValley City, ND: Trying something new. And to stay busy with working and also to play ball for the Invaders. The commute was too much at times being roughly an hour away and plus I’m a big city kid so being able to move to a city with a bigger population was an easy decision.
BJGrand Forks, ND: I moved to Fargo because my wife had a better chance at finding a job as an attorney in Fargo and I knew I could transfer here with my job.
DASt Cloud, MN: Really camaraderie and brotherhood of the Fargo Invaders program, as well as a chance for both my fiancé and I to continue to grow after becoming somewhat stagnant in St. Cloud.
VHWahpeton, ND: I was already in Fargo for 2 years when I started with the Invaders. Me and my girlfriend were expecting our first kid, and decided we could start our family here.


Where do you work?

JT – I work at Mexican village [Fun Fact: Former Invaders OL Jordan Johnson is the General Manager].
BJ – I work for AmeriPride, I am CSR.
DA – Discovery Benefits [Fun Fact: Discovery Benefits has been an on-going sponsor since 2014!].
VH – I do security for Allied Universal.


Was is easy to find a job?

JT – Yeah. I’ve had other jobs outside of Mexican village, but Mexican Village has been constant.
BJ – Yes, it seems like there is always work to be found in ND and it’s easy to find a job making $16/hr or higher too.
DA – Yes, my fiancé moved up first and was already employed at Discovery Benefits when I came to join her in Fargo, and having similar work experience in St. Cloud when I worked for Capital One.
VH – Yes. I found a job immediately


What do you enjoy most about the Fargo area?

JT– How well the community comes together in any situation; death, heartbreak, Bison football. Anything.
BJ – I enjoy having my teammates in the same town because many of us have become more than teammates now and grand forks was wayyyyyy too small lol.
DA – Being able to a part of a football program like the Fargo Invaders and the many different opportunities the growing city provides.
VH – It’s laid back and mostly a safe town. The weather sucks, but I can leave my home and feel safe about me and my family being out and about.


Anything else to add?

JT – Shout-out to the Invaders for your hard work and keeping everything intact. And also for helping me out when I first got here.  I really appreciate everything y’all have done for me personally and the Invader Nation.
BJ – It’s really cool to see how far we have come with this team! For those of us that were here when it started it’s crazy seeing what it has become and for the new guys trust me when I say at the rate this team is growing it’s defiantly something you want to be a part of and tell your kids about one day, or grandchildren (Chad McQuade) hahaha
DA – I’d just like to thank the Invaders’ organization as a whole for accepting me after playing with the Renegades and bringing back my love for the game.
VH – Go Invaders!